Only 7 Lawyers Physically Presented Themselves To EBF Screening At NBA Awka Bar Centre

I am among them but my two earlier reportage on this, did not go down well with the Committee, especially, the Secretary of the Committee, who made heavy weather of nothing. I have humored her and removed the pictures but I stand by my story.

The attendance by aspirants is poor for a regional super weight that EBF is.  If majority threw in apology and refused to show up, shows the premium they place on EBF. This screening could’ve been done via zoom or any other online platform but I came out of respect for EBF and to observe these, so that together we find ways to strengthen EBF into a true formidable machine in NBA.
The Governing Council of EBF,

The 6 Aspirants punctually in attendance at the beginning of the screening, the 7th came deeply late.

must as matter of regional urgency, find out why lawyers of the 9 South East States are not interested in EBF and why do lawyers from these states refuse to subject themselves to the Constitution of EBF. This low turnout, breaks my heart.

This low turn out, speaks volume. If other EBF members who declined to attend sent in apologies, the Chairman of the Committee never mentioned so and it is not my duty to use pinches to pull out the information from them. I am not the official media handle of EBF.

As a writer, it is my sacred duty to describe and write the world as I see it, not as I wish it to be or how you, the reader, thought it was.

When the spirit catches me, I write of the future revealed to me.

If you disagree with what is, or what is to come, I wrote about, you have the right to complain, ask for explanation and not to ask me to write to please you or you insecurity.

If my writing defames you or contains factual errors, the best you can do is to ask for a rejoinder, ask that I via a corrigendum amend the error.

You have no right to shape the mind of a writer of dictate which adjective or keyboard he uses to express the world as he saw it, seeing it and longing to see it.

If you do not like the narrative, say your own story and the readers will choose who to believe.
You cannot muzzle or freeze a writer, we merely raise the mirror to reflect you and your environment. Killing us, will not change the image, except you choose to change the image in the mirror.

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