To Be Successful NBA GS, Wear Bow-tie; As Felix Chukwuma Ashimole Celebrates Past NBA GS

Olumuyiwa Akinboro SAN
Former Chairman Unity Bar;
GS under JB Daudu SAN’s presidency;
Senior Advocate of Nigeria in 2015.

Abiola Olagunju, SAN
Former Social Secretary, NBA Ibadan;
Former National 1st Asst. Secretary
GS under A.B. Mahmoud, SAN’s Presidency.
Took silk 2020.

Afam Osigwe, SAN
Former PRO Unity Bar;
Former Chairman Unity Bar;
GS under Augustine Alegeh, SAN’s Presidency;  Senior Advocate of Nigeria 2020.

Emeka Obegolu, SAN.
Former PRO Unity Bar;
Former Publicity Secretary NBA;
GS under Okey Wali SAN’s Presidency;
Senior Advocate of Nigeria 2021.

Gunu Taidi, Esq.   
Former Chairman of NBA Minna;
General Secretary under the Presidency of Paul Usoro, SAN ;
Member Body of Benchers November, 2020.

Apart from their failed attempts to get me to wear bow tie, I enjoyed good relationship with these past General Secretaries of NBA. I still enjoy good relationship with all of them.

My relationship with them, particularly while they were in office, exposed me to the inner working of the NBA.
Like a student at the feet of the Master, I drank deep from the well of NBA knowledge, that these NBA veterans carry.

Interestingly, four of them, became SAN after faithfully serving NBA. They all had also served NBA at the local level.
As one of them, exponent of polierotism once warned me, “Chè NBA is a faithful conservative mistress, service her well and she will reward you.”

Another told me, “there is nothing in NBA but service and you cannot serve NBA faithfully without Lady Justice squeezing juicy milk of elevation into your mouth.”

I still will not forget this, “Chè let no one full you, NBA is not a career, build your practice while playing NBA politics. NBA will not feed you but if you have a practice, the leadership skills you will acquire in selfless service to humanity and NBA, will always speak for you, even in your absence.”

Ashimole Felix, Esq publisher of Kubwaexpress has passion for a truly digitalized NBA

Against this backdrop, I kept my head down after serving my branch, NBA Bwari as Welfare Secretary and Secretary but some of them, are urging me to raise my head and come to the table of men.
Can I look up to Dr. Rapuluchukwu to serve NBA and not lose myself?
There is humanity to serve outside NBA, serving NBA is a service to the microcosm in the march to serve the macrocosm called humanity.

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