Death In Abuja Airport; always check your BP

Where is the money they claim was sunk into renovating the airport into world standard?

For 13 minutes, no FAAN medical personnel.
She died in my hands and few others.
A medical doctor on his way to Kano tried but as he finally said, “we lost her.”
But she would’ve been saved, had FAAN provided basic insulin.
She was diabetic.
Her sugar went high;
She entered coma;
No medical attention;
She saw the light and moved towards it.

We kept calling her, Mama Tobi, Mama Tobi, don’t leave us, wake up, Good morning but saliva trickled down, foams bubbled and I knew she had seen a better place and wouldn’t be coming back!

FAAN and the entire airline staff on ground were stupidly acting as if è no concern them.
They kept announcing boarding and NEVER USED their speaker to ask if there is any medical personnel on ground.

Some passengers that went to their sickbay, reported that there was nobody in there!
Finally they brought an ambulance from their fire fighting department, to take her corpse away!

Good night Mummy Tobi. Your country and countrymen, failed you.
© Felix Ashimole, Esq.

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