Coup In Nigeria; Never Again?

Nigerians frustrated with the fluttering democratic experience since 1999, are calling for the military to in JJ Rawlings style come to their aid.

The worst military regimes in Nigerian history.

Most of those calling for this, are youngsters, who did not witness the crushing brutality of military regimes in Nigeria(1966-1999 with a break in 1979-83) These regimes one after the other, with civilians saboteurs, reaped off Nigeria, planted, watered and nursed corruption into the iroko tree it is today in Nigeria. The military intervention set us back.

In the presence of continuous failure by civilian administration to quell insurrection, banditry and terrorism, the romantic appeal of a Gideon Okah, Chukwuma Nzeogwu is tempting. But the reality is, military coup in Nigeria is as far fetched as finding a grass sprouting in the sky.

One the Western super powers that used to instigate the military to overthrow unfriendly civilian administrations in Africa, are no longer interested in such adventurism.

They now empower NGO, particularly the pro-democracy ones, to push for civilian unrest, protests and constitutional change of any civilian administration that has turned rouge.

Trial of Gen. Diya and co-adventurers for coup plotting

Secondly, the military in Nigeria, since 1999 are fed fat and mentally conditioned to chop and clean mouth without being political. Olusegun Obasanjo(OBJ), started this mental corruption of the Armed forces. He allowed them to be in charge of their procurements, provided them with Peugeot  406, encouraged them to go into Mass housing (Post Service Housing Scheme)

Administrations after him, has continued this pattern.

Execution of Dimka and his colleagues on May 15, 1976

Why should a soldier risk his life attempting a coup with all these good things of life at his disposal? He already has his loot, spoils of war without firing a bullet. So they are better off threatening civilian presidents with “national security concerns.” “We cannot declare what we do with our budget” “we cannot tell journalists which and what ammunition and heavy guns bought or not bought.” So a General retires and live big like a politician, assuming he didn’t pick form to become a senator.

Young officers, who ought to be radicals, are systematically taken to courses abroad all expenses paid and selected courses on patriotism, the role of the military, are drilled into their subconscious. Who wants to die for civilians that are not ready? Civilians that keep collecting a cup of rice, N500 (Five Hundred Naira) to vote in those that will oppress them?

So the Armed forces hide behind, they are professionals whose core mandate is to protect the territorial sovereignty of Nigeria against external aggression ( they forget to tell you that they are also a willing tool in the hands of their C-in-C to quell any internal protest that is against the political interest of Oga kpatakpata)

The coup acceptable and will earn the protection of the Armed forces, is civilian uprising to flush out those they had given mandate to govern them.

The bullets needed are your PVC and being knowledgeable about the electioneering process. The battalion required, is a political party. If you do not get involved, no Nigerian Soldier will help you. They too, want to live to enjoy their pension, see their grandchildren.

The fate of a New Nigeria, is in your hands, get involved and stop wishing for a coup. Coup will not work, it is outdated.

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