Plight Of NBA Members In Terrorist Infested States

Agreed, NBA is not statutorily bound to meddle into Boko Haram affairs. Agreed, NBA does not have instruments to force government to act.
But nobody can deny the fact that NBA is a powerful pressure group. It has a voice, pen and reach that can pull the presidency’s ear and compel attention.

It is also a fact that NBA has members in states affected by Boko Haram and banditry. It got home in the last terrorists train attack. NBA lost about 4 members.

I was forced to think about this, when someone responded to Kubwaexpress news item on SIPDEL Conference coming up in Sokoto sometime in May. Beyond replying that I am sure organizers of the program who chose Sokoto, must’ve made adequate plans to secure lawyers in Sokoto but in all honesty, I couldn’t answer if there is protection for Abuja-Sokoto, Bayelsa to Sokoto or even Zamfara to Sokoto.


J.K.Gadzama, SAN

What has NBA done for lawyers in Borno? How about the rights of IDPs? One of the cardinal objectives of NBA, is to promote the rule of law. Are the rights of these IDPs protected and violators of these rights prosecuted?

Interestingly, JK Gadzama, SAN one of the leading contenders for NBA president, is from Lassa in Askira/Uba Local Government Area of Borno; can we get to hear his take on the plight of lawyers in his state?

In 2014, NBA Madugiri, expelled some members because they called for the probe of former Borno Governor, Ali Sheriff and ex-Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Azubuike Ihejirika.

Now insecurity has eaten deeper. A good number of lawyers have fled Borno. The incumbent Chairman of NBA Bwari, is one of such. How long will NBA keep quiet?

2018, Arthur Obi-Okafor, NBA presidential candidate, visited Borno to interact with lawyers and also visited IPD

NBA should amplify the plight of lawyers in Borno as well as those of IPDs. NBA aspirants should not send us Easter and Sallah messages without telling us how they will alleviate the sufferings of our colleagues in NBA Borno.

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