“NBA Bwari is a fertile ground and no seed planted in it, that will not grow.”—-Y.C.Maikyau, SAN

During the NBA Bwari (Cradle Bar) April Meeting hosted by friends of Y.C.Maikyau in Bwari Bar, Chairman of the Bar, recognized those who have interest in NBA election.

Monday Ajah, Esq Cradle Bar Chairman

In other not to run foul of NBA rules, nobody indicated interest in any position but kept figuratively saying, “something is hungering him.” Another claimed that he is pursuing something and one said when NBA lifts ban, he will re-approach the Branch for support.

Y.C.Maikyau SAN, while thanking his friends for honoring him, said that NBA Bwari is a fertile ground and no seed planted in it that will not grow. He acknowledged the success of the leadership of the branch in taking care of welfare of its members and pleaded that the branch should allow him sow seed of his intent in our branch, as he is sure that if he sows, his intent at the right time will reproduce and multiply bountifully that will benefit all lawyers.

He also encouraged lawyers to be their brothers keeper and give to one another. Sounding like a motivational pastor, he relied heavily on the Bible and said that, when you give, don’t bother about the person you’re giving to because God gave us freely, when we do not deserve it.

He assured us that if we allow his seed to germinate, that it will bear welfare fruits that will benefit every lawyer.

       Auta Iliya, Esq

Other lawyers who attended the meeting with YC Maikyau are, Auta Iliya Nyada of Sulejah Bar, Desmond Yamah of Unity Bar, Kassy Abel of Jos Bar and distinguished members of Gwagwalada Bar.

Three members of Bwari Bar, showed interest in pursuing something and pleaded with the branch to energize them to be able to go to the NBA national secretariat and bring home the golden feather. These members are,

Clement Chukwuemeka, Esq

Olalekan Idowu Oladapo

Responding, the chairman urged members to forget their local rivalry, ideological differences and close rank to support members. According to him, the last national officer Abuja had was Mama Bar who served the Bar about 6 years ago.

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