Bishop Oliseyenum Who Left Winners Chapel Is Dead

Dr. Henry Oliseyenum, the Bishop and founder of Blessed Chapel International Church, phase 4, Kubwa is dead.

Kubwaexpress was reliably informed by a member of his church, who pleaded not to be mentioned. According to our source, “Daddy who had been battling a long sickness, joined the saints last week but the church has not made any official statement.”

We visited the church but the staff we saw, was looking sad, swollen eyes but refused to confirm the story.

We shall be worshipping in the church tomorrow to get you more information.

Dr. Henry Oliseyenum, was among the 6 Bishops that left Winners Chapel over the high handed mess of Winners owner and his insistence on promoting his children, positioning them to takeover the leadership of the church.

It was widely reported in 1999 that, “ a good number of the Bishops resigned after some of the reorganizations and transfers, triggered by one of the bishops’ powerful takeovers of the Ghana Church. The restructuring is believed to have not gone well with many of them.”

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