NIN Registration Reap Off; Kubwa Residents Cry Out.

Residents of Kubwa, have cried out to the Minister of Communication, Prof. Isa Ali Pantami, to curb the extortion of citizens by private National Identification Number (NIN) enrollment operators.
Nuhu, a resident of Kubwa 2-1, said that the attitude of staff at government enrollment Centre, Kubwa Post Office, is to encouraging people to go there. The place is crowded, the staff uncultured with typical “I don’t care Civil Servant attitude.” He further said that it is this attitude that is driving people away from Post Office to the hands of these private operators that extort them.
Residents claim(a claim which was verified by Kubwaexpress), that these operators charge N1,000 (One Thousand Naira) Only to register a person and demand N4000-N10,000 to get a captured data transferred to Immigration or any other agency’s data base.
According to an operator we interviewed, he said that it takes over 3 months for data captured by National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), to be transferred to other agencies or for them to have access to NIMC database. He said that the money they charge, is to give a NIMC staff, to assist in migrating their paying customer’s data, for them to carry out whatever it was that made them to come for NIN enrollment.
Unlike these private NIN enrollment centers, government’s own NIN enrollment Centre, at Kubwa Post Office is free and it takes about 2 weeks after capturing for your NIN to be issued to you.

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