Know Kubwa; Maitama Community Youth Leader Speaks.

I am Jolly Baba, Youth Chairman, Maitama Community, Kubwa.


Yes. We were the original land owners in the present day Maitama in Abuja City Centre. On 13th July 1990, we were forced to relocate to Kubwa because Government said they needed our land to develop Abuja as a befitting Nigeria’s capital.

But here was not bush and uninhabited?

•Mr. Jolly Baba, Youth Chairman, Maitama Community, Kubwa.

When we came here, we met the Indigenous People of Kubwa.

Where are these Indigenous People of Kubwa now?

The can be found in Bazango, Byazhin and Kubwa village.

And you settlers, where are you?

There are lots of villages that were re-settled in Kubwa. They came here and maintained their ancestral names. They are Katampe, Kukuaba, Inkuru, Maitama i and Maitama ii.

FCT Area Council Election is coming up on 12th February, are the candidates addressing your needs?

On the issue of Chairmanship in Bwari Area Council, which Kubwa as a whole, is part of, we have Zone A and Zone B. Zone A is made up of Ushafa, Bwari, Kuduru, Shere and Igu while Zone B is made up of Kubwa, Byazhin, Dei-Dei. The Chairmanship is rotated between Zone A and B. Because Zone A has population, most of our people live in Zone A, they find it difficult to abide by this zoning arrangement.
But we in Zone B have better infrastructure, so our needs and there’s cannot be the same. Candidates who understand this zoning, address issues particular to a given zone.

On the issue of Councilorship in Kubwa Ward, we also have Zone A and B. It is the turn of Zone A but the incumbent PDP man, does not want to respect the zoning and is insisting that he will go for 2nd term. We are mobilizing to defeat him at the polls.

What would you want the new Bwari Area Council leadership to do for you when it emerges?

For us in Zone B, we don’t need roads, water or light. We need employment. The Area Council Chairman, can employ people into LEA and he should do so for our people.

Gwagi  Mother And Daughter Pounding yam. Yam is a choice swallow among Gwagi people.

We need health care center. Kubwa General Hospital at phase 4, is far. We need a Health Centre, where primary health care can be given to our people before any referral to General Hospital.
The people in Zone A, need roads, water and electricity. Anybody that emerges Chairman, should see to it that infrastructure are provided for the people of Bwari, Shere, Ushafa etc.


You see, we are predominately farmers but our farm lands have been converted to estates to accommodate the growing population of Abuja. Also, there are lots of quarry activities going around our remaining farm lands. Their blasting of rocks and flying chips make it unsafe for us to near there.

What do you want the Federal Government to do for you?

We are farmers that have been deprived of their farm lands. Government should give us scholarships to enable us attain our maximum potentials and survive, since farming that is our source of livelihood has stopped.

But when Federal Government re-settled you, it settled your parents?

Brick House Covered by illegal attachments.

Settled them with what? Brick houses? Because there is no farm to farm and raise money to pay school fees, our parents were forced to rent out or sold these Brick houses. As you can see, most of these Brick houses have rooms attached to them.
Some of us are being forced to learn handwork at old age, so that we can feed our families.

You are articulate, I think they say Gwari people don’t go to school?

I am a HND holder in Building Technology. I was an officer of Kubwa Ward Students Association. There are many educated people here but there is no employment. We need employment, we need scholarships.

How is your relationship with other non-Gwagi settlers. You know with the explosion of population in Abuja, most people have moved to Kubwa.

We Gwagis are peace loving people not given to violence. Most of the attachments, have people from different parts of Nigeria living there as tenants. We integrate well with them and show them good hospitality.

We are sitting beside your Chief’s house, what is his name?

•The Chief’s Palace.

Our Chief’s name is HRH, Esu Bulus Yerima Pada.

To be continued…



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