Chris Agidy; Afam Osigwe SAN Expresses Sadness Over Death

The news of the killing of our dear Chris Agidi came to me like a rude shock. When the news of his kidnap filtered in a few months ago, like every other lawyer I sustained the hope that he would be set free.
I waited anxiously for the news that he had been released only for me to receive the terrible news that his kidnappers had murdered him. His death will be among the increasing number of innocent victims of kidnappings and other senseless killings in the country. Chris the Bar Man as we fondly called him, served in the same Exco with me as the Secretary of the NBA Abuja Branch (Unity Bar) between December 2010 and December 2012, while I was the branch’s Chairman. He was a very dutiful and outspoken person and would always express very strong views and opinions on issues affecting the branch. He loved the legal profession and made immeasurable contributions to the service of the Bar. His selflessness, insights, and wits would always be appreciated. He was a good man.
Until his death, Chris was a legal assistant to a serving senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and his experience, knowledge, and abilities are of high demand and value and he had a great future ahead of him. All that has now been truncated by those who do not appreciate the several decades of industry and hard work that he put in to get to where he was.
His death in the hands of his murderous kidnappers continues to expose the level of security challenges that are confronting us as a nation. The lives of men and women who have spent years and decades improving themselves in readiness for service to this nation and humanity are cut short by those who do not have what it takes to put such a level of industry and are enemies of the State.
While we now grieve the loss of our dear Chris, I call on the Police and the security agencies to ensure that the killers of Chris Agidy are brought to justice and that no stone is left unturned while at it.
For now, in sadness and grief, I say rest in peace my dear secretary Chris Agidi, we will miss you so much.
Good night, Chris. You lived a good life and will be sorely missed.Afam Osigwe, SAN.

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