Taxation: NBA Gombe Branch Interacts With The Bench

The NBA Gombe Branch,  in its effort to aid and support seamless practice and explore viable niches in other practice areas for its members in the jurisdiction, is organizing a 2-day event in honor of the Honourable Chief Judge of Gombe State, namely:
1. The Bar and Bench Forum which seek to address recurring challenges faced by both the Bar and Bench in the administration of justice in the jurisdiction;
2. A Seminar with the theme: ‘Legal Practice in the 21st Century’ which shall address;
a. The challenges encountered in appellate practice with the intent to create balance and give insight on its expectations and requirements.
b. The niche in Taxation: challenges and opportunities for lawyers in the service industry, and lots more.
The theme of the event is: Legal Practice in the 21st Century.
DATE: 13th and 14th December 2023.
1st Day; the CJ’s Court room for the Bar and Bench Forum.
2nd Day; Gombe International Hotel for the Seminar.
Who should attend?
All lawyers (NBA Gombe Branch members), Business community, relevant stakeholders, security agencies, etc. This is an event you don’t want to miss or be told about.
Due to its importance the Honourable Chief Judge of Gombe State has made 13 and 14 December 2023 Court free days  to enable all stakeholders including all lawyers in the jurisdiction participate fully.

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