Continuing Legal Education; NBA-Lawpavillion Primsol Handholding Sessions

Dear Colleague,
Trust this meets you well.
The Y.C Maikyau,OON,SAN led administration of the NBA recently rolled out access to the Law Pavillion Primsol Licence at no cost to young lawyers.
Already, many young lawyers have started enjoying access to the electronic law report. However, to support  members who may have complaints or enquires in respect of this service, the NBA Publicity Team in conjunction with Law Pavillion Limited has set up Training and Handholding support sessions.

The sessions began on Monday 21st November at 3pm and will continue everyday at 3pm till Thursday 24th November,2022.    

A similar session will hold on Friday 25th November, 2022 on NBA social media handles. Please see the attached flyer for more details.     

Members are encouraged to join whichever day that best suits them.
The zoom link for all the days of the sessions is:

Looking forward to assisting you.
Best regards,
Charles Ajiboye, Esq
National Assistant Publicity Secretary

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