Local Delicacies In Kubwa

Kubwa,  is an Abuja suburb filled with vast ethnic groups, and as such, different cultures exist. Culture, as we well know, is the way of life of a group of people. Food in itself is an important aspect of culture, especially in Nigeria.

Food defines the particular spices and ingredients a particular set of people fancy and like to use to stir up meals. From one culture to another in Nigeria, food dishes respectively differ.

However, in more ways than one, traditional dishes can be considered a unifying element for diverse cultures.

Hence, we’ll be exploring some unconventional traditional dishes in Nigeria.

Akpu: Akpu, popularly referred to as fufu, is a fan favourite of the Igbos. The meal is made from cassava tubers. It is best served with traditional soup, which includes vegetable soup, groundnut soup, egusi soup and bitterleaf soup.

Tuwo Shinkafa: Tuwo shinkafa is a special type of rice meal that is very popular in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

Tuwo shinkafa can be prepared from scratch, which will certainly take time. An alternative method of using the rice flour to prepare the meal can be used to save time. Tuwo shinkafa can be paired with any type of soup.

Abacha and Ugba: Also referred to as African Salad. Abacha and Ugba is a dish from Eastern Nigeria. Abacha itself is prepared from dried and shredded cassava, and ugba is prepared from African oil bean seed.
The pairing of Abacha and Ugba form a great combination, and the absence of either one would give the meal an incomplete taste.

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