Kwali Area Council Full Of Underfunctioning Research Institutes

Kwali Area Council, is one of the 6 Area Councils in Abuja. If you are entering Abuja from her neighbor Kogi state, Kwali is the second Area Council immediately after Abaji.

One of the most outstanding citizen of Kwali, is Ladi Kwali the famed potter who graces Nigeria’s 20 Naira note. Her name is Dr. Ladi Dosei Kwali, Kwali was added to her name because she is from Kwali. Although from Kwali, the Federal Government built a Ladi Kwali Pottery Centre in Bwari Area Council.

Despite this famed potter, Kwali Area Council, arguably has the highest concentration of research centres in Abuja, yet it has no higher institution.

Most of the centres we visited, are in dare need of attention. We made attempts to bluff our way through but the Civil Defense Officer at the gate(s) politely insisted that we must get clearance from Oga before we could have access.
Mind you, Oga lives and operates from Abuja City Centre, about 40 Kilometers from the locations of these research centres.
We insisted that we need not go to City Centre to get approval to enter a research centre located in Kwali Area Council.
We were finally told that, “no be every day of the week Oga de come work.”
Asked if schools come on excursions? They looked at themselves and mischievously smiled.
We don’t know what to make of this smile we urge you to interpret as it suits you. 

So we took solace in snapping their bushy entrances and licked our bruised ego of wonna be investigative bush journalists.

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