September 20 INEC To Lift Ban; My Reflection

I have no problem with who you support going into 2023 BUT have at the back of your minds that your candidate could lose and when he loses, don’t lose hope in Nigeria.

In every contest, there must be a loser. The beauty of Olympics, nay, democracy, is the joy to freely participate and not necessarily win.

So far, INEC has given all contenders and their “teaming supporters”, free hand to run riot, bend in most cases, the provisions of Electoral Act. This blind eye shown by INEC, should be reciprocated when INEC announces result after February 2023.

So far, all ethnic self determination agitation-groups and their demands to turn Nigeria into Somalia, have been silenced.
We are now all Nigerians because we believe our tribe’s man has a chance to get his own share of the national cake. This is good and we should remember, the scrambling of national cake, is akin to looting by two tortoises,  the most cunning of the two, will get it and not the one that thinks he is most deserving of it.

As INEC is about to lift ban on campaign formally on the 20th of September, kindly remember that you have been a Nigerian, freely campaigning (holding rallies), without any Nigerian security personnel intimidating you because you are peaceful and enjoying your dance in the rain. May this spirit remain after February.

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