Lagos 4th Cheapest Place To Drink Beer

Lagos is one of the world’s cheapest cities to drink beer in 2021. Other cities with the cheapest average price of beer are: Sao Paulo, Prague, Beijing, Almaty and Hanoi.

It would cost you an average of $0.96 to quench your thirst with the ‘tasty’ stuff in Nigeria’s bustling commercial nerve centre.

There is probably nothing better than a cold glass of beer, in the company of good friends, at the end of a long stressful week. Chances are you are currently chilling out with your friends and gulping a glass of your favourite beer brand as you read this article. Now here’s the thing — depending on which city you are in, the price of a glass of beer definitely differs across countries.


For a bustling city full of more than 20 million human beings, it is not surprising that beer is widely consumed here.
As a matter of fact, Nigeria leads the pack of the Africa’s top 10 beer drinking countries, according to statistics obtained from Global Data.

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