Unity Bar Steams Up; the masquerades are coming

Finally the Mickey Mouse game in NBA Abuja, has finally turned into Race Race, with two suspected aspirants have now stepped out of the shadows of, “are they going to run or not” to collect nomination form to contest for the Chairmanship of Unity Bar on June 9th.

JK Gadzama, SAN collecting his form to contest for national president of NBA.

The fist to dabble into the full race, is Ajuluchukwu, Eze Esq. Following classic politician’s move, akin to picking form at his political party’s Secretary with fun fair, Aj Fresh toed the line of J.K.Gadzama, SAN who earlier in the week, collected nomination form to run for NBA national election in July.

On the heels of AJ fresh, is Chidi Udekwe, Esq. He quietly went about his picking of the form. But what is a politician without publicity? His picture with the form conspicuously displayed, was mysteriously farted into the air and all major bloggers picked the news.

According to Ada(surname withheld), these early birds are merely staring the water, waiting for the eagle to land. Attempts to flirt out who the eagle is from her, met brick walls.

Another member of Unity Bar, said that ijele,  the big masquerade, will appear at the right time to pick his form. She said that a potent native doctor, does not engaging in shouting match at the village square. The efficacy of his charm will darken the cloud before his soundless, mysterious appearance on top of the iroko tree.

We at kubwaexpress, as the one of foremost Lawyer friendly news outlet in Nigeria after Squibb(Lagos based), will be bringing to you, blow by blow count as these masquerades cast spell on each other.

In this season of ikeji of Arondizuogu, Imo state, it will be interesting to see the reenactment of Pericoma in Unity Bar election.

Ashimole Felix, Esq publisher of Kubwaexpress has passion for a truly digitalized NBA


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