Bwari Councilors-elect Visit Chairman

The 10 successful councilors in the just concluded Bwari Area Council election, today paid a courtesy visit to the Bwari Area Council Chairman, Hon. John Gabaya. The chairman was also a candidate in the election and was re-elected.

Of the 10 councilors-elect, 2 are of the APC while 8 are of the PDP. The  Chairman, is of the PDP.

Speaking to them in his office, he assured them that they would not be marginalized but will be part of his team to develop Bwari.

Tee Jay Dan

According to Tee Jay Dan, who was in attendance, the PDP losers in the Wards APC won(Ushafa and Kubwa), were told to accept defeat like good sportsmen and not challenge the result at election tribunal.

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