Obi C. Nwakor, Esq, Kubwa Express Man Of The Week.

Fondly called Capo dei capi, by his younger friends because of his excellent leadership qualities, is an unassuming, humble firm man.

Oga Obi.

He exudes confidence and you cannot be around him without feeling protected and at peace.
Oga Obi, is an active old-young man, energetic, sports man and a voracious reader.
Oga Obi is one of the best dressed lawyers in Abuja. He is  quintessential fashionista, worthy of gracing the cover of GQ. He is the leader of the bowtie gang in Abuja.
He was the Chairman, that revived and midwifed the election, that birthed the present leadership of Otu Okaiwu Abuja.
Oga Obi, is ever ready to help and we at Kubwa Express, had been a beneficiary of his large heart. He represented us from Federal High Court to Court of Appeal without collecting a kobo!
We met by chance at FCT High Court and he took over the case that was then poorly being managed by a lawyer, who was catching cruise with us, chasing clout.
Oga Obi got involved, asked for nothing and successfully prosecuted our defense, as well as our offensive as plaintiff in another matter.
Despite his mastery of the law and a wizard at advocacy, with great court room presence, he does not see mediation as weakness.
Obi C. Nwakor, Esq. hails from Isuochi, Abia State; was born on the 20th of November 19…(e concern you?)
Oga Obi obtained his First School Leaving Certificate, from Library Avenue Primary School Umuahia. He completed his secondary school education at Government College Umuahia, before proceeding to Abia  State University Uturu Okigwe and was called to Bar in 1998. He has been in active practice since his call and is the principal partner, Obi C. Nwakor & Co., with offices at Wuse Zone 6, Abuja and Umuahia, Abiah State.
He is a bar man per excellence, one time Assistant Secretary of NBA Abuja, always ready to pay fatherly role to any junior willing to approach him.
Oga Obi is happily married with kids.

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