Bwari Area Council Election; Gabaya Vs Shekwolo

All 11 candidates of the 11 political parties vying to become the next Bwari Area Council Chairman through the February 12 election, have given good account of themselves.

The heavy artillery unleashed by the national body of APC and PDP, has dwarfed the other nine contenders in the race.

APC has a 131 member National Election Council, charged to delivery FCT for the party.

On its own part, PDP inaugurated 34 persons, made up of mostly governors.

As we enter the final lap, two parties stand shoulder and head ahead of the others.

Bwari Area Council Election, is a two horse race between APC and PDP.

John Gabaya, Bwari Area Council Chairman

The PDP candidate, Mr John Gabaya, is the incumbent chairman. His incumbency, is a factor that is giving him advantage against other contestants.

Another plus for him, is the poor performance of APC at national level. The untold hardship that the Buhari led APC has unleashed, makes this election a referendum on APC’s performance.

But politics is local, with its unique local dynamic that often is not the reflection of nation politic.

This election, will be a referendum on his performance. Based on performance in Zone B, he is not expected to win. Zone B, especially in Kubwa, this disenchantment with his performance. His ban on use of commercial motor bike, is a big sore, which time has not healed and Okada riders in Kubwa, have vowed not to vote for him and will mobilize votes against him.

Another disadvantage he has, is his refusal to abide by the rotational policy in Bwari politics.

The incumbent won after supplementary polls in 2019, to defeat then incumbent, Musa Dikko of APC with total vote of 31,114 to Dikko’s 24,137. Can he pull through with all these baggage?

His rival, Hon. Haruna Audi Shekwolo of the APC, was a Supervisory councilor on environment and sanitation during the tenure of Musa Dikko. He resigned his appointment in March 2021.

It is believed that the Dikko political structure, is solidly behind him to give Gabaya a bloody nose.

Shekwolo in various interviews, repeated that incumbency factor will not deter him from winning this election.

He prides him self on his numerous human capacity development and giving to the need.

One of his greatest advantage, is his being fresh kid on the bloc. He has few political baggage, his performance as Supervisory Councilor, is a big plus.

His greatest disadvantage, is the abysmal performance of APC at national level. Many voters, who do not want to vote PDP, would rather cast their votes to any other party than APC.

On the final 30 yards, the winner between this two, will be the one, whose party members, his supporters turn up to vote.

Shekwolo has the advantage going into this election. The election, is his to lose. A little re-tweaking of campaign before close of campaign by 12 midnight, will give victory.

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