Know Kubwa; Her Water Ways

The streets and roads of Kubwa are neat.
But if you bend down and take a careful look, you will see that the roads under Kubwa roads,-Kubwa water ways, are dirtyblocked by waste mainly thrown in by refuse cart pushers popularly called mai bola  or mai tsara.

Apart from mai bola or mai tsara, some residents of posh Kubwa estates, put refuse in the booths of their cars and while driving through these bridges, fling the black nylon bags of refuse into the water.

With Yenusa my pilot, we mounted his iron donkey and “down low” to snap these pictures.
There are 3 bridges in Kubwa located at, Phase 4, PW before Deeper Life Junction and on the express between Phase 3 Junction and NNPC Junction.
There are many culverts channeling water from gutters into these 3 major water ways. These water ways, are dying due to the refuse dumped into them.
Abuja Environmental Protection Board or its Bwari counterpart, should sensitize the residents of Kubwa, of the environmental hazard this unhygienic practices by mai bola posses to Kubwa.
Bwari Area Council, should provide more refuse dump sites (we saw two) and enforce these cart pushers, to dump their waste in designated dump sites.
Residents of Kubwa, should sort their wastes into bio and no bio-degradable. The non-bio degradable, should be burnt or given to “trade by batter” who sells them to recycling plants rather than throwing them into the water ways of Kubwa.
The worst culprit of refuse found in these water ways are pure water sachets, fabrics and bottles.

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