Pyrates Confraternity Celebrates World’s Education Day

The The National Association of Seadogs (NAS)-Pyrates Confraternity Zuma Deck, today joined the rest of the world to mark International Day of Education 2022.
As part of its advocacy program to highlight the importance of education, the role of use of education to curb crime and the need to get parents to pay attention to the education of their children, NAS took over 30 minutes air time on Classic FM 94.3  Abuja to highlight these issues.
According to Viktor Ikirikocu, a Seadog, the role of education in re-engineering society, cannot be overemphasized. Education liberates the soul of a man and makes it difficult for him to be enslaved. He called on the government to stop politicizing education and make sure that Nigerian Children have unrestricted access to education. He expressed displeasure over the inability of most states governors to domesticate the Child’s Right Act.

•Viktor Ikiriko

Expressing pains, he lamented the poor conditions of educational institutions in Nigeria and appealed to government to improve educational infrastructure and properly monitor schools to make sure that money budgeted to education is not pilfered by corrupt officers within the system. He stressed that education is a fundamental right of a child and not a privilege and it the duty of Nigerian Government, to provide quality education to her citizens, particularly children.
I was also a guest at the radio program and wish to thank the NAS for the opportunity to contribute to the debate on how improve our dying educational sector.
The education of a child, is a communal responsibility and members of the community, have  the responsibility to protect any educational facility in their community.

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