Minimum Wage: NLC Has No Right To Force Its Opinion On None Members

You are correct. But the psyche of Nigerians has been unduly militarized. Every body including the labour unions want to take measures not only by force but by trampling on the rights of other innocent Nigerians.The truth is that only 0.3% of Nigerians are employed by Government and by this unrealistic and unviable demand and strike action, labour is not only holding their employers to ransom but the entire country hostage.
Why should the entire country suffer for the claims of less than 1% of the population? It does not make economic sense.
Secondly, I am minded to think that Government is in collusion with organized labour as it has clearly abdicated its responsibilities to the majority of her citizens that it has sworn to protect.
Be it known that Labour’s rights is limited to withholding its services and not to enforce its views and position on the entire population.
For example, union members can withhold their services by not coming to work but they cannot engage in criminal acts of trespass by blocking access to public utilities like airports, hospitals, schools, courts etc.
However Government has permitted the Nigerian labour unions over time to engage in this primitive and illegal/criminal forms of labour agitation. The rights of labour agitation ends where those of other Nigerians begin.
This crude form of labour unionism must end. Hold on to your services while others seek for alternative means.

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