NBA Car-stickers And Abduction Of Lawyers.

From Idemili to Sokoto, Abuja to Adamawa, lawyers have been on the receiving end of business activities by Kidnappers and bandits.
Once it happens, all NBA Politicians seeking to be seen as ultra-caring, take to social media to denounce and warn. But less than 3 days after, all is forgotten, the kidnapped remains in the den of his abductors.

C. J. S. Azoro, Esq, abducted Secretary NBA Idemili Branch, released after NBA Branches in Anambra boycotted courts and refused to enter appearance for any accused criminal.

Without NBA Branches in Anambra rose up and matched the streets, pulling off their service, I assure you, the kidnapped Secretary of NBA Idemili would have at best still be with his abductors or killed, if ransom was not paid. The sore case of Barman, former Secretary, NBA Abuja, sticks out.
So how did we lose the aura, why did criminals turn against us, us that offer them hope of second chance to live a new life and make heaven? Or have we become one with them, particularly the politicians that steal peoples mandates and we use lawyer techniques and technicalities of the status to give them mandate that was not given to them by the people? A younger me, before I even became a lawyer, was told that, a thief dare not steal a car, with NBA sticker on it. So what happened?
The story of C.O. Anah SAN, comes to mind. Thieves waylaid him on his way to Awka for a matter. On identifying himself as a lawyer going for a matter in Awka from Onitsha, they released him, provided him with transport fare to proceed to Awka to conduct his matter! When lawyers were feared as THE LAW!

Afam Osigwe, SAN as GS under Augustine Aleghe SAN’s administration, introduced Stamp & Seal that has greatly reduced the menace of fake lawyers.

To restore our dignity and respect, NBA at local branch levels, must make a statement with boots on ground on people interest issues; they should not be seen as bootlickers of any government in power.
Finally, where is the customised sticker we were promised by the NBA Secretariat that would be given to us along with our Stamp & Seal?
What are the features in it that will make a police officer at a checkpoint flag me through without asking for my parti-kola? Or Road Safety poking dirty fingers into my luggage looking for fire extinguisher?
What is in this sticker that will make kidnappers to fear and hail my car; “the law, na you oh! If they arrest me, I go come see you.”

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