ECNBA; When Will You Lift “Ban.”

NBA Election 2024, will take place on July 20th. Has a service provider that will drive the election been unveiled by ECNBA?
Painfully, I have been going through the N123M budget submitted by ECNBA and approved by NEC.
The subheadings are giving me headache, making to wonder, will NBA ever GET IT RIGHT?  In deed, the devil is in the details!
But today, I will not talk of Naira and Kobo but politics.
ECNBA, while asking prospective candidates to submit nomination form, ask that CV and Manifesto must be accompanied. They even challenged a candidate’s nomination form on the basis that the said candidate, did not sign the Manifesto attached.

Mazi Afam Osigwe, SAN

So if this was almighty important, why did ECNBA issue notice, asking Cleared Candidates to submit fresh manifesto on or before 24th of May?
May 24th has come and gone, Manifesto submitted.
The muted shout by candidates is, When will ECNBA lift ban on campaign? When are we free to move around like other candidates and lobby for votes?
Lifting ban in June, will give candidates less than a month to campaign and by middle of June, most Branches would have done and dusted with their law week program; would have done their monthly meeting for the month of June, leaving only July.
How many branches can law abiding candidates cover in a month?ECNBA claim that it wants to save cost of electioneering but has ended up created a class of candidates that are seen as untouchables, animals more equal than others.
All who had submitted their manifesto (I hope ECNBA gave a correct and current e-mail address), should go ahead and openly campaign. Going by the snail speed of ECNBA, I doubt if the manifesto and materials will be uploaded on ECNBA website in the next 78 hours.

Abduwasi Alfa, Esq.

Candidates should make sure they campaign and make promises based on the content of the Manifesto they submitted and above all, they should promise what their offices are constitutionally allowed to do.

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