Felix Chukwuma Ashimole Felicitates All Cleared Candidates

By June, about 86% of the 128 plus NBA Branches, will have change of Executive Committee Members.
For quality 2024-2026 NBA NEC, we should be interested in who emerges Chairman and Secretary of local branches. In this dying YC’s administration, we have complained that NEC became rubber stamp and there was no robust debate on any issue.
Do we want a repeat of this going forward?
If no, this is the time to start looking for the black goat as the darkness of June approaches.
NBA National Executive cannot run lawyers street, if Branches send quality Chairmen and Secretaries to NEC.

Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq., co-publisher Kubwaexpress (Law Blog Of The Year 2023)

I wish all who had been cleared by their Branches to contest election, success in their endeavours and above all;  I urge them to remember when they win that; their primary responsibility is to their Branch members and not being in the good books of the NBA President. We must return power to Branches; we must make NBA work for the smallest, unknown member of the Branch and finally, NBA must work primarily for the welfare of lawyers and over dabbling into National politics.

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