NBA Kano Chairman’s Opening Speech


Let me welcome everyone to the NBA Kano Branch, 2024 Law Week. This year’s week has a theme: “Turning point: Interrogating the impact of certain innovations on enhancing the administration and delivery of justice in Nigeria.The theme reflects the pivotal juncture at which the legal profession finds itself, amidst evolving legal landscapes, societal transformations, and technological advancement.
We have no other person to deliver the keynote address about this theme than our very own AB Mahmoud, SAN, OON, past President of the NBA. I have no doubt in my mind that even the non-lawyers in our midst at this event, will leave this venue better informed about administration and delivery of justice in Nigeria, its challenges, and prospects.

Keynote Speaker; AB Mahmoud, SAN, OON.

After the opening ceremony and the delivery of the keynote address, we have other very insightful and thought-provoking topics to be discussed by an array of speakers who were carefully selected based on their knowledge, skills and experience in their chosen careers. I urge all delegates to participate in these sessions and you will sure thank yourself for doing so.As they say, all work no play makes jack a dull boy. This year’s week in addition to these educative sessions, had a walk on Saturday the 11th of May 2024 which served two purposes, one to remind ourselves about the need to be physically active and stay fit, and also, we walked to further call attention of our leaders about the need to secure lives and properties in this country and fight the menace of insecurity. In the evening of that day, we had a welcome cocktail where we welcomed our guests and networked among ourselves.The second day was Sunday, and we had a mini competition between various football teams involving the stakeholders in the administration of justice in Kano State. And here we are on day three.
After tomorrow’s sessions, the week will be closed with a grand dinner, where we will treat ourselves to a sumptuous meal and further network.Before I conclude my remarks, let me digress a bit to highlight some of our achievements over the last 22 months.

Huwaila Muhammad Ibrahim, Esq., Law Week Planning Committee Chairman.

Before doing so, let me quote a portion from my manifesto which I submitted to the Electoral Committee while aspiring to lead this great Branch where I stated thus: “Under his leadership, the Kano Branch will embrace knowledge-driven initiatives, leveraging technological advancements to enhance legal practice.

Deputy Governor of Kano State.

Key components of this mission include: Promoting the Kano Branch as a leader in producing vibrant, knowledgeable, and skilled Lawyers through year-round knowledge-based engagements.
Restoring discipline and fostering respect among colleagues.
Cultivating an NBA Branch that is proactive and responsive to public interest matters while upholding the rule of law.Organize and encourage members to participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences to enhance their capacity and provide mentorship opportunities.
Engage and empower young lawyers to confront the challenges of the 21st century, fostering independence, self-reliance, and value addition in their chosen career paths within the legal profession.
Foster discipline, respect, and orderliness among members, and facilitate greater synergy and collaboration between the Bar and the Judiciary…….With all sense of modesty, I will say largely we have achieved a lot in the area of promoting knowledge, empowering young lawyers to develop their skills, knowledge and widen their horizon to open new vistas. The Branch through various collaborative efforts have sponsored 50 young lawyers who got trained and obtained certificates in the area of arbitration.
We have provided platforms and facilities at the Secretariat for our members to participate in webinars and other online based workshops and trainings at no cost to the members.While we are doing our best to foster discipline, respect, and orderliness among members, I would say in this area, a lot need to be done.
We have 9 Disciplinary Committees at Branch level all of which are overwhelmed because of the numerous petitions we receive against lawyers. I am glad the President of the Bar is here, Mr President, I am aware the discipline of lawyers is now largely within the purview of the Body of Benchers, but that process is slow and very expensive. It needs to be simplified.

FELIX CHUKWUMA ASHIMOLE, Esq., co-publisher exchanging pleasantries with Abdulwasiu Alfa.

I hope we will continue to have conversation in that regard until we find a more workable solution.
We have improved on the cordiality between the bar and the bench where we have developed synergy in resolving some issues that have arisen but were resolved seamlessly through effective communication without rancour.
Your Excellencies, My lords, learned friends, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Kano Branch of the NBA 2024 Law Week. I wish us all an enriching week.
Thank you.

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