Unity Bar 2024 Law Week Welcome Address

Chairman NBA Abuja (Unity Bar)

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all on behalf of the Branch Officers and the entire members of the Branch to the 2024 Law Week. This annual event is an integral part of our legal community, providing a platform to celebrate the vital role of lawyers in our society, reflect on our achievements, and contributions to national discourse, and address challenges on our way to greater impact.
As you may be aware, this is the last Law Week for this present administration.
However, I am proud to announce that the 2024 Law Week is the first of its kind.
I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the exceptional members of the Law Week Committee ably led by Moses Ebute, SAN. Your dedication and commitment have ensured that the Law Week thrived under this administration and for that, we are grateful.
The theme of this year’s Law Week, “Deploying the Law to Attain National Stability and Development”, is especially poignant given the current state of the nation and the central role that lawyers play in national development. The theme affords us the opportunity to evaluate our roles in upholding the rule of law and its impact on our society.
Through this theme, we will once more be reminded of our shared commitment to justice, fairness, and the protection of fundamental rights.
We have curated a diverse and stimulating program designed to explore these themes from various perspectives.
Our lineup of esteemed speakers and panellists will delve into topics ranging from the role of the judiciary in nation building to dissecting some constitutional issues, examining the intersection of legal tech and insecurity, and bridging generational gap in democratic governance.
I encourage you all to engage actively in these discussions, as they offer invaluable insights that can shape our collective understanding and practice of law.  
Law Week is not only an opportunity for professional development but also a time for us to cater to our social needs and foster collaboration among us. In an increasing difficult time, we can draw strength from each other, network in a manner that enables us tackle complex challenges more effectively, and refresh our minds to enhance productivity and stability. I am particularly excited about the opportunities for networking and collaboration that the Law Week offers.  Building meaningful connections with colleagues and peers not only enriches our professional lives but also strengthens the fabric of our legal community. I encourage you all to take full advantage of this week to forge new partnerships and exchange ideas.
In closing, I would like to express my profound gratitude to all those that have contributed to the success of this year’s Law Week.
The speakers that have offered to share their knowledge with us and enrich us intellectually, and the volunteers that are serving in one capacity or the other. In the words of Dave Glynn, “Don’t ever question the value of volunteers. Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers, the Titanic was built by professionals”.
I also appreciate my Branch Officers for their uncommon support, members of the Branch that made financial commitments, our special guests, partners, sponsors, ad every other individual that contributed to the resounding success we will be witnessing. May God reward you immensely.
Once more, I thank the Law Week Committee for their dedication and enthusiasm towards this cause. To all the participants, thank you for honouring us with your time.
I urge us all to approach this week with open minds and shared commitment to unity.
Gentlemen of the inner and outer Bar, our esteemed guests, I welcome you all to a week of enlightenment, motivation, and meaningful connections.
Thank you!

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