MULAN President’s Welcome Speech At 15th AGC

Being The Full Text Of The Speech By Kazeem Olaniyan, Ph.D, MULAN National President, At The 15th MULAN AGC Holding At University Of Ibadan 2-5th May 2024.

Praise be to ALLAH, the LORD of the universe, the Judge of Judges, the Law Giver, the cherisher, the sustainer, the most gracious, the merciful, the enforcer, the owner of life, the just, the irresistible, the sublime.
I glorify and adore him, I testify that none is worthy of worship except ALLAH.
I seek Allah’s Blessings and Mercies for our Master, Friend and Guide, Muhammad Mustapha, his household, companions and all of us who follow his guide and the truth he brought until the day of reckoning. I therefore seek refuge from the devil, the accursed, the deceiver, the lost one and the confirmed enemy of man.

It is my singular honour and privilege, at this auspicious time, to stand before this August audience as the 9th President of the Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria, to welcome you to the 15h Annual General Conference of the Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria.
The theme of this year’s AGC, NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: THE NEW DYNAMICS AND NUANCES is unique in every sense.
This theme was specially coined in appreciation of what our political gladiators our leaders, the led, as well as all stakeholders, who are involved in the quest for political power in their search for a more united society.
It is very obvious that prior to, during and after the 2023 general elections, our country Nigeria is disunited more than ever before, in the midst of this disunity, no development is possible. The numerous questions which readily come to the fore out of this ugly and perplexing reality and which as MULAN, rightly presumed, should be the primary concerns of every Nigerian. I believe our specially and carefully selected resource persons will be too eager to douse in the spirit of a RENEWED HOPE for all.Now let’s face it, why should religion which is expected to be a unifying factor be used to disunite  us.
Why should religion which is expected to be
position  be the opposition.
Why should religion, which is expected to be the synthesis suddenly becomes the antithesis, and why religion especially ISLAM which has provisions and guidelines for good governance, for development and unity, has suddenly become the opium of the people; which way out?
It is therefore our HOPE as Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria, that at the end of this AGC, we will be in the position to send the strong message to all adherents of peace justice and fairness that Islamic Model of Leadership in seeking political power is the best for Nigeria in our quest for a unified and peaceful polity for development.
At this AGC, distinguished audience, issues like x-raying the inter-relationship of religion for developmental, politics and power, the synergy of governance and economy, the incursion of the Mosques and the Churches into the political arena of this country, the impact of women in the emerging Nigeria political landscape, the Islamic model of women in politics, the synergy of religion and political power play for National development as well as the naked dance of the religious bigots in the political wilderness of the country. are some of the areas where our team of erudite resources persons are prepared to feed us to the full, so that at the end of the presentations it is our expectations that the blueprint for the ISLAMIC MODEL OF GOOD GOVERNANCE FOR DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA, which is our ultimate message shall have been well packaged, signed, sealed and delivered.I thank all the speakers and panelist for accepting our invitation to share their wisdom, knowledge and experience with us. I therefore enjoin all our members and other participants to follow the events of this conference with keen interest and rapt attention, so that at the end of the 2-day event we would have been grounded enough in the ethics of good governance to be able to speak loud and clear in contributing our modest idea to the leadership cum development question of this country.
I WELCOME YOU ALL TO IBADAN, enjoy yourself to the fullest in this historic city of Southwestern State of Nigeria

©️Kazeem Olaniyan, Ph.D
23rd day of Shawwal. 1445, AH (3rd May, 2024)

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