Wells & Pitchers LP Invites You To Workers Day Webinar

Wells & Pitchers LP in collaboration with  Amofin Solicitors and T.T. Kalio & Company present webinar with  Theme: WORKERS EMPOWERMENT: Understanding Rights and Responsibilities.In celebration of the Workers’ Day, please join us as we discuss the rights of the Worker.
It is an exciting opportunity for you to learn about the right and  legal protections you’re entitled as a worker.

Karl Marx

Ever wondered if your work environment is as safe as it should be?
What are the rights and legal protection the law afford you as a worker?
Hon. Justice 0.0. Oyewumi, National Industrial Court of Nigeria.
Mr. Bashman Mohammed, Senior Program Officer, Solidarity Centre, Nigeria.
Marx Ikongbeh, Esq., Principal Partner, Ever Law Associates.
Join us this Worker’s Day at 4pm, to learn what you might be missing and how it affects you.
Click here to join the webinar.

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