NBA Season Of Petitions: “You Tarka Me, I Daboh You”

It is expected in season of election, for candidates to receive darts of petitions against them. In the past couple of NBA Election circles, no circle is a circle without petitions. And this will not stop anytime soon. Candidates afraid of others, sponsor petitions through a 3rd party or actively stay passive when he or she gets wind of illegibility of his or her opponent to contest and allow her or his supporters, to author petitions against a perceived strong obstacle.
Like Big Brother House, these inmates point at someone for eviction and the overzealous supporters, go to the mob, to attempt to get such candidate disqualified, even if the bases of the petition are ridiculous, laughable and outright mischief.  In the last election, a non-lawyer, a non-member of NBA, who would not be affected by the outcome of the NBA 2022 Election, petitioned ECNBA, seeking to disqualify YC Maikyau(Now NBA President).This year, true to prediction, petitions have started flying. At last count, there are about 5 petitions against various candidates.
Unfortunately, it is only those against big fishes that make the headlines, blogged to gain mileage by whosoever stands to benefit from the disqualification of his or her strongest opponent.
Once petition is written against a candidate, his or her supporters, enter war mood and the ancients checkmate spirit of You Tarka Me, I Daboh You”, comes alive.
Others opt for the first law of the jungle, if you cannot move, stop others from moving.
Of the petitions I have gotten wind of, some are being challenged for sending in their nomination form without haven been a member of NEC or held any executive position in any local branch.
While I believe that petitions are part of electioneering process, an easy weapon in the arsenal of a weak candidate, ECNBA, has the right to raise any query on any nomination letter, if the form you submitted, falls short of the items in the checklist.  True to its commitment to transparency,I am aware that ECNBA, invited some prospective candidates to address them on grey areas in the Nomination Bundle submitted.
Lawyers, should cease aimless petitioning against colleagues, if the crux of the petition are foreign to the provisions of NBA, with regard to the eligibility to contest election.
ECNBA, is not constituted to operate outside the NBA Constitution or is it Idi Amin’s  Malyamungu, to be used to settle a person grudge. We look forward to more petitions and can only pray that such are in conformity with NBA Constitution.

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