NBA AGC 2024 Registration Fees: Samuel Akpadiagha Etuk Appeals To NBA President

Dear Sir,
Re: Approved Registration Fees for 2024 Annual General Conference.  
I write to express my deep concern and strong reservation regarding the 2024 Annual General Conference registration fees recently approved by the National Executive Committee (NBA-NEC) at the NEC meeting held at the AU Club’s Staff Club Conference Hall in Yola, Adamawa State.
I state unequivocally that the fee regiment proposed is wholly unacceptable and not in line with the current economic reality faced by many members of our esteemed association.
As a member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), who campaigned and voted for you and other members of your Executive Committee, I am deeply troubled by the exorbitant registration fees set for the AGC.
The economic challenges facing our country, compounded by the effects of inflation, have placed a significant financial burden on many of our members.
It is disheartening to see an association that prides itself as representing the interests of its members enact policies that only serve to further strain their financial resources.
The decision to implement such steep registration fees smacks of insensitivity particularly considering the considerable corporate and government sponsorships that the AGC enjoys. Instead of supporting its members during these difficult times, the NBA appears to be prioritizing financial gains at their expense.Furthermore, the current inflationary trends should serve as a wake-up call for the NBA to devise means of alleviating the hardship faced by its members. Rather than burdening members with unjustifiable fees, the NBA should be exploring avenues to provide financial relief and support to it’s self same members.
I urge the Nigerian Bar Association to reconsider its decision regarding the registration fees for the AGC and to adopt a more compassionate and member-centric approach. Our association should strive to be a beacon of support for its members, especially during times of economic hardship.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt action and a positive response.
Yours sincerely,Samuel Akpadiagha Etuk, Esq.,
Past Publicity Secretary, NBA, Uyo Branch,
Past Member of the Governing Council of the Eastern Bar Forum.

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