ABU Honours A Bold And Bubbly Shining Alumni.

The famously reputable Faculty of Law of the uniquely prestigious Ahmadu Bello University has produced great and distinguished alumni with impressively significant contributions at both national and international levels. In other words, ABU Zaria is proud and blessed with standout alumni of exceptional accomplishments and excellent contributions on life scorecard.

In recognitions of these proud alumni, the University honours them through special programmes and activities that provide valuable chronicles of their remarkable stories as students and equally celebrate their outstanding successes post graduation. It’s no wonder that the 2024 Moot Championship of the Students’ Representative Council Court of the Ahmadu Bello University was organised and held on Saturday 9th March 2024 in honour of one of the shining lights of the legal profession, a man renowned for his strategic brilliance and topnotch advocacy, Mr. Matthew Burkaa SAN.The Moot Championship, a time-honoured tradition of the Ahmadu Bello University, is an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for advocacy and leadership after campus. It provides a platform for them to hone their research, writing, advocacy, and leadership skills. It also serves as a viable avenue for the students to work collaboratively and to build networks for future engagements.

The Finals of the 2024 Moot Championship was indeed a thrilling competition marked by impressive and awe-inspiring exhibitions of sterling skills and comprehensive knowledge by amazing aspiring lawyers and judges. Apart from the intense legal battles evoking sweet memories of Presidential Election Appeals, effective communication and leadership qualities of these wonderful students were also on display during this programme.

During this year’s edition, the pacesetting and evergreen records of the student life, student lawyering, and student leadership of Mathew Burkaa as a formidable student lawyer, an highly effective student leader, and a driven and resourceful undergraduate were excitedly showcased by erudite Professors who taught him and his fellow alumni who are now distinguished lecturers of the ivory tower.The gospel according to Advocate Mathew, as enlivened by lecturers and students during the programme, gave the good news of the young and promising Matthew Burkaa as a diligent and exceptional student who manifested intellect of the best calibre in his scholarship and leadership during his University days. Credence was laid to these proclamations by the presentations of acclaimed and magnificent awards to Mr. Matthew Burkaa SAN by about seven (7) different groups in the University.

Friends and colleagues who accompanied the Learned Silk to the programme are Mr. Magaji Mato Ibrahim SAN, Gloria Ballason, Mr. Simon Tsok, Tayo Ogunjide, Dr. S. M. Oyeghe, Mr. Idris Ahmad, Mr. Emmanuel Agwungwu, and some of his family members and friends. They all spoke gleefully of the amazing qualities and the notable contributions of Mr. Matthew Burkaa SAN, as a perfect gentleman and a blessing to humanity.

In a tangible expression of his profound nostalgia, impression of the excellent quality and conduct of the students, and appreciation of the honour bestowed on him by the Ahmadu Bello University (his alma mater), Mr. Matthew Burkaa SAN made generous donations of money and books to the Students’ Representative Council and the participants of the competition. He inspired the students to maintain an unwavering pursuit of excellence and strive to be the best for the University, family, and the Country. He finally promised to solicit the support and homecoming of his classmates and other alumni for the greater advancement of the Ahmadu Bello University.

It was indeed a memorable day of grand homecoming, a day of great honour, a day of true impacts, a day of resplendent glory, and a day of inspiring emulations, and a day of worthy celebrations.

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