CAC Holds Retreat For New Management Team


The Corporate Affairs Commission has unveiled a reward policy for staff in order to enhance productivity and further entrench discipline in the system. The Registrar General/CEO of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Hussaini Ishaq Magaji, SAN, stated this while unveiling the Commission’s 2024 blueprint at a one-day strategic leadership retreat for heads of departments, heads of units, and heads of state offices. Hussaini Magaji revealed that the new reward policy will include the best-performing staff in the state office in each quarter of the year, which will also apply to departments and units in the head office.
The CAC boss further said the reward will attract monetary awards and also earn marks for the purpose of performance evaluations of the affected staff. While speaking on the areas of focus for the new management team and heads of state offices, the Registrar-General unveiled the introduction of performance targets for each head of state office. Heads of state offices are required to submit monthly reports on their activities for evaluation, rolling out key performance indicators (KPIs), he said.
The Registrar-General, however, charged the heads of departments and state offices to enforce staff discipline and lead by example.
He emphasised that acts of truancy and absenteeism would attract appropriate disciplinary measures for optimum input and service delivery. While speaking on revenue matters, the Registrar-General stressed that heads of state offices must strive to achieve the N120 billion revenue target set for the Commission in 2024.
During the one-day leadership retreat, there were paper presentations on “Monitoring/Enforcement Way Forward by Justin Nidia Biraol (Director Compliance) and “Introduction of Performance Targets with Timelines for State Heads” by Olayemi Olamide Oyeniyi (Director Human Resources).CAC News reports that the presentations were subjected to rigorous discussions while breakout sessions were conducted to provide proper solutions to some identified challenges that require immediate attention.

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