Kenechukwu Onuorah Goes Home

Friday 16th February, 2024; Commendation Service/Service of Songs.
Venue: Delight Garden & Park, Plot 990, Joshua Madaki Close, Apo Zone E, Abuja.
TIME: 4:00 PM.
Thursday 22nd February, 2024.
Interment Service/Final Burial.
Venue: Dcn. Surv. Ejike Onuorah Compound, No. 2 Isaiah Onuorah Road, Umuanugo Village, Ifitedunu, Dunokofia LGA, Anambra State.
TIME: 10:00 AMTribute By Kolawole Banwo:
I am short of words. Simply dumbfounded. I screamed when I saw the post in Facebook just this evening. It’s been a while since the passing of someone had such an effect on me.
I frantically called everyone I knew  that could give me information as to how true this could be.
Eventually, I had to come to terms with the truth, Kene is no more! How sad, how tragic, how painfully unbelievable!
I recalled the enthusiastic law student I first met when I initiated an intervention to get young people, students  in the Universities to take interest in the way revenues from natural resources were being managed today because the future was theirs- intergenerational equity, we called it.
From the enclosure of the Auditorium, Faculty of Law, UNIABUJA, he metamorphosed into that passionate, budding professional, moving on to becoming a regular face on the Global Rights Team at workshops and conferences. He was easy-going, brilliantly organsing, silently impacting and yes,  ever smiling. You could not but like Kene.
He was promising, purposeful, focused, signposting  the image of what tomorrow’s activists and development practitioners should be. He inspired confidence and hope, putting his legal training to serve humanity and advance the common good, casting optimism like a beacon of light against a dark horison.
Now at just 27, it ended just like that?
Now, we can only be consoled by the massive impact his brief life made on us all. We are comforted by the memories of a brief but well lived life.
My heart goes out to all colleagues, friends, siblings, parents, and relations.

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