One Chance; A Curable Abuja Epidemic

The crime of One Chance, although as old as Abuja, has in recent time, become cancerous and threatening to engulf Abuja.
One Chance is the street name for robbing passengers in a moving car, mostly unpainted, unregistered kabubu.
The driver of the car, at the bus stop will shout “One Chance”, urging passengers to enter the car that has one seat left. All the occupants of this car that has One Chance, are members of the gang, posing as passengers.
Once a passenger in a hurry shows interest in boarding, one of the passengers will come down, claiming that he will stop at a bus stop before that of the new passenger(this way, they sandwich the passenger between their accomplices.)
After few minutes off the bus stop, they bring out gun, machete, dagger and identify themselves as thieves. They force the passenger to give up his or her possessions, including ATM card with its PIN. They also insist that the passenger transfers funds to an account.

Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq., co-publisher Kubwaexpress is consulting to serve NBA as Publicity Secretary 2024-2026.

If the passenger cooperates, he or she will be robbed successfully and quietly dropped off in between bus stop, where it will be difficult for him or her to get help.
If the passenger resisted or stared into the faces of these criminals, they beat him or her and after robbing him or her, they throw such passenger out of the car while in motion.
Many have sustained fatal injuries after this robbery with some dying from broken neck or crushed by oncoming car.
The best time of operations by this One Chance gang are; early in the morning and late at night. They target rush hours, when commuters are in a hurry to get to office or home.
Some routes in Abuja are notorious for these activities and known to the police. One wonders why the police has failed to curb this?
To curb this, there is need to revive public transport system in Abuja. Few years ago, Abuja had thriving public transport system and One Chance wasn’t as bad and rampant as it is today. In the days of El Rufai buses, passengers were not stranded at bus stops exposing themselves to One Chance and Pick pockets. Unfortunately these buses are rotting away along Kubwa Express, only to belch to life when hired by churches for a program.
Can FCT Directorate of Transport revive these buses to save Nigerians from being victims of One Chance?
Restrictions should be placed on the use of private unpainted cars for commercial purposes. If you must use your private cars to augment your earnings, get it registered with the  Area Council, where you wish to operate.

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