VIO Assaults A Lawyer; Petition Sent To NBA President.

To the Nigerian Bar Association,
Petition Against the directorate of road traffic services for Assault on Lawyer, Kehinde Timilehin Esq.
We are solicitors to Mr. Kehinde Timileyin (Our Client) whose instructions we write.
We, the undersigned, are writing to bring to your attention a grave incident of assault perpetrated by an officer of the Directorate of Road Traffic Services against one of our esteemed members, Mr. Kehinde Timileyin Esq. This incident occurred on the 14th of February, 2024, and has raised serious concerns regarding the conduct and accountability of law enforcement personnel in Nigeria.
The facts of the incident are as follows:
On the aforementioned date, Mr. Kehinde Timileyin was commuting to work in a commercial vehicle along Arab Junction, close to Berger Bridge. Officers of the Directorate on patrol with vehicle plate number CT123RT intercepted the vehicle and proceeded to arrest the driver.During the encounter, Officer Akpabio, attached to the Wuye command of the Directorate of Road Traffic Services, without provocation or just cause, assaulted Mr. Kehinde Timileyin. He subjected Mr. Timileyin to physical violence, mercilessly beating him and inflicting injuries, including punching him in the mouth.
Despite Mr. Timileyin identifying himself as a lawyer, Officer Akpabio displayed a flagrant disregard for his profession and person, refusing to exercise restraint and even threatening to damage Mr. Timileyin’s property, specifically his phone.
Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Officer Akpabio did not deny the allegations when confronted by the Area Commander at the Wuye office of the Directorate. He showed no remorse for his actions, indicating a systemic issue within the Directorate regarding the treatment of civilians and legal professionals.Enclosed with this petition are copies of the medical report detailing Mr. Timileyin’s injuries, video evidence capturing Officer Akpabio’s actions during the incident, and photographic evidence showcasing Mr. Timileyin’s injuries post-assault.
We urge the Nigerian Bar Association to take swift and decisive action in response to this incident. Specifically, we request the following:

1. An independent investigation into the conduct of Officer Akpabio and any other officers involved in the incident.
2. Disciplinary measures to be taken against Officer Akpabio following the law and regulations governing law enforcement conduct.
4. A public apology by Officer Akpabio published on two national dailies and damages for assault, battery, and medical expenses incurred by Mr. Kehinde Timileyin to seek justice and compensation for the harm he has endured.
It is imperative that the Nigerian Bar Association upholds the integrity of the legal profession and ensures that justice is served for Mr. Kehinde Timileyin and all victims of this brutality and misconduct.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.Sincerely,

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