How We Choose Victims To Kidnap

It was the end of the road for three notorious kidnappers and armed robbers, who have been terrorising residents of Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, with their deadly suspects, Idris Ishaku, 27: Bala Umar, 27, and Dahiru Salisu, 27; who confessed to have been responsible for and kidnappings in the Bwari area and other parts of the FCT,  said that they set heavily paid by the bandits they work for after every successful operation.
Their activities, however, came to an end when men of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team swamped on them.
The suspects who are mostly Fulani, however, claimed to be natives of Bwari. They said that they have been working for kidnappers and other criminal groups in Bwari, Ushafa, Kubwa, Gwagwa Zuba and some parts of Niger State for over six years and have made good money before they were eventually arrested.
One of the gang members, Bala Umar, who also happens to be the leader of the group, said that he was lured into working for the bandits because of the huge amount he makes after kidnapping their victims.
To effectively work as a spy for the kidnap group, he said that they usually work as security guards, water vendors and refuse collectors to deceive innocent residents who employ them without knowing their original intentions.
With this kind of job, he said that they have all it takes to carry out their investigations about the victim they want to kidnap.
To get a potential victim, Umar said they have certain criteria they look for,  which include the kind of car they dive, the kind of mobile phones they use, how they dress, the kind of schools their children attend, the kind of furniture they have in their houses, among other things that ordinary wealthy people can afford.
With these information, he said that they are good to go.
Apart from working as security guards, water vendors waste collectors, he disclosed that they also engage in farming to keep body and soul together.   The suspects who were recently paraded by the Force Public Relations Officer (FP-PRO), Olumiyiwa Adejobi, said that they are sometimes paid as much as N600,000, by the kidnappers.
In this interview with Sunday Sun, Umar, who said he had been in the business for sometime now, said he cannot remember the number of persons he and his gang members have kidnapped as they are many, including males, females and children.
On how they operate, be said: “We usually pretend to look for job to work as security guards and we will go from house to house, especially fine houses and they will employ us to work for them. Some of us will start selling water in the area while some of us will pretend to work as refuse collectors.
As a security guard, my duty is to know the kind of car my Oga is driving and if it is expensive, you know, not all cars are expensive, then I will tell my fellow kidnapper in the bush that the man I am working for has plenty money and  there we will begin  plan on how to kidnap him and get money from his family.
Asked how he succeeded  in kidnapping some of his employers without being detected. He said that he uses his farm as an excuse to get permission to go out.
He added that whenever he got such opportunities, he would go to meet his fellow spies, the water vendors and refuse collectors, to brainstorm and strategise on how to go about their targets,
As soon as they conclude their plans, they report back to the kidnappers who then come on an agreed date to carry out the operation.
On the agreed date, he said, “after we conclude, I will tell them when they should come to the house and that will be either when my boss is coming back from work and I will go and open the gate for him then they will kidnap him or I will tell them to come in the night as armed robbers and kidnap my boss.” During such occasions, he said “I will tell them to beat me very well and tie me so that nobody will suspect me and that is exactly what will happen.
After they have succeeded in kidnapping the owner of the property that I am guarding, I will be monitoring the negotiations process and soon as the money is paid, I will contact them and they will give me my own share of the money which is usually in cash and | will go to one of my farms and bury it there so that people will not suspect me. Asked what he has been able to achieve in his six years as a spy to kidnappers, Umar, said that he has been able to build a house and bought some lands which he used for farming.
Asked if he has any regrets working for kidnappers, he said “It is the hardship in the country that forced me to join kidnapping and if not for the kind of money that I get from the business, I would have left it a longtime ago.
The kind of money in just one operation I make i cannot make such money as a security guard in two years because these big men will use you and pay you small money.

Culled from SUNDAYSUN January 28, 2024

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