Afam Osigwe, SAN’s Pledge

Ensuring Equitable Compensation for Legal Practitioners through Robust Implementation of Remuneration Order 2023.

During the Nigerian Bar Association Asaba Branch meeting, Afam Osigwe, SAN, delivered an extensive and meticulously crafted address to lawyers regarding the Remuneration Order 2023, a pivotal regulation aimed at structuring the compensation of legal professionals in the delivery of their services.
With an air of assurance and conviction, Afam conveyed to his esteemed colleagues that, in his role as chairman of the Remuneration Committee, he and his esteemed committee members are resolutely committed to proactively engaging with lawyers throughout the nation.
Their paramount objective is not only to ensure a deep and comprehensive understanding of the order but also to orchestrate its vigorous and steadfast implementation.
This steadfast dedication serves as a testament to their unwavering resolve to foster transparency and equity within remuneration practices inherent to the legal field. Afam’s resolute pledge mirrors both his and the committee’s steadfast dedication to upholding the highest professional standards and safeguarding the equitable compensation of legal practitioners across the diverse landscape of the nation.

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