LSN & NBA; a necessary cohabitation

I welcomed the news that the court, has compelled the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), to register the Law Society of Nigeria (LSN), with no mixed feelings.
The kite and the eagle, should perch. Both are necessary for the improved welfare of lawyers and should not be seen as rivals or enemies.
As at now, NBA is the only status recognised body of lawyer. With time, LSN, may be but as at today, NBA is.We should welcome the registration of LSN and encourage her, to make sure that the welfare of lawyers, are paramount in their deliberations and not politics of defrocking NBA.
LSN, should further not see itself as a rival to NBA but a complimentary component, to make life of a lawyer bearable in this economic nightmare called Nigeria.
With measured, tongue in check, I welcome the court decision to register LSN and urge for a symbiotic relationship.

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