Decent NBA Image 2024-2026

I have been nudged by a lot of readers of Kubwaexpress, to express my thoughts on the image of NBA.
This nudging, is becoming a shove and I have to shovel in my thoughts.
The image of NBA, can only be as decent as the image of the NBA President.
The number one image maker of the NBA, is the NBA President and other elected officials, are akin to auxiliary verbs.
It has become important to make this clarification, in the wake of intensified consultations by NBA politicians as they snake round NBA Branches. Many have been whispering things they cannot do, things the office they are consulting on, are not allowed to constitutionally perform.
All NBA politicians, should go study the NBA Constitution and be abreast with the duties of the office they seek.
For me, the only image maker of NBA as empowered by the Constitution, is NBA President.

Co-publisher Kubwaexpress, in deep consultations on how best to serve NBA as Publicity Secretary 2024-2026.

Against this backdrop, until, when and if the NBA Constitution is amended, I opine that attention should be more on who are you willing to give your vote to serve you as president, for two years, come June 2024.

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