Dr. Eichie Cries to Y.C. Maikyau, SAN. President of NBA.

Dr. Christopher Eichie, who served NBA Abuja Branch (Unity Bar), in the same Executive Council, wherein Chris Agidy, Esq., served as Secretary, has taken his lamentation to Y.C.Maikyau, OON, SAN.
His lone wailing and gnashing of teeth, seeking succor from NBA, is over the continuous stay of Agidy with kidnappers, for over 6 weeks.
The lamentation reads:
“Dear sir, come over to Macedonia and help us . I know you are a genuinely busy person, it is either you are pursuing one project or the other , all in a bid to ensure the welfare of Nigerian lawyers, thank you, and your labour like those of your predecessors in office, we not go unrewarded.
Not conceding ,but assuming you have not heard, I write to bring to your notice that a lawyer, by name Chris Agidy, a member of Nigerian Bar Association, Abuja Branch was kidnapped almost two months ago and has  been in hands of his abductors ever since .The said Chris Agidy was secretary of Nigerian Bar Association (2010-2012) , by virtue of that office he once occupied, he is an elder of the said branch . He is married and a father of two, his dear wife is also a colleague. Until his kidnap , he was a Senior Legislative Aide to the Distinguished Senator Ned Nwoko.   

I am deeply worried that almost two months after his kidnap , I am yet to see an official statement from the Nigerian Bar Association. I am  tempted to believe you are not aware of the ugly incident.

Some colleagues who are aware of this ugly incident, discourse it in low tones and express a kind of hopeless in the situation.

I cannot no longer sleep and I dare not imagine the worst for a colleague, I have faith and I believe he is safe wherever he is and waiting for the Nigerian Bar Association to act before it may be too late .

As President of Nigerian Bar Association, I know you have the capacity to escalate this matter to the highest lever to ensure that our Chris Agidy, Esq a.k.a the Bar man is immediately released by his abductors . Please, act fast , the confidence I have in your ability to handle this matter is not in anyway misplaced.

Please, draw strength from the words of Franz Fanon when he said ” the future will have no pity on those who possess the exceptionally privileged of being able to speak the words of  truth to their oppressors but rather take refuge in an attitude of passivity ,mute indifference, cold complicity .

Mr. President, I count on you .

Dr. Christopher Eichie, past Provost and Treasurer of NBA, Abuja .

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