Ohanaeze Youth Forum Stands With Chief Cletus Ibeto Calls For Peace

Being the text of the press briefing by Ohanaeze Youth Forum, held at FCT NUJ Council on Tuesday 12 December 2023.


Ohaneze Youth Forum was incorporated on 27th Day of June, 2014. Since incorporation, we have been quietly working with other indigenous Nigerian ethnic groups to promote peace and harmonious co-existence through seminar, talk shows, articles and other interventions.
It is not our mandate to be noisy but when the need arises, we thunder not only to defend igbo interest but do so in a manner that will not threaten the age long cordial relationship between ndi igbo and ndi ozo, on the principles of Egbe bere Ugo bere and none should fart on the other.
Gentlemen of the Press, the  lingering legal tussle between two prominent sons, Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto CON and Sir Daniel Chukwudozie, is an embarrassment to Ndi Igbo and we cannot fold our hands and watch our fathers dancing naked at Nkwor Nnewi.
After careful perusal of court documents and tracing the history of the issue at stake, Ohaneze Youth Forum Abuja Chapter, stand in support of Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto CON and without reservations condemns in a strongest terms the recent campaign of calumny and use of apparatus of the Economic and financial crimes Commission (EFCC) to harass a foremost Nigerian national, a remarkable personality of honour and character. Chief Cletus Ibeto, Miri mara ugo, is a renowned business entrepreneur of international standards who has empowered many and lifted thousands of Nigerians out of poverty.
This philanthropist whose businesses span a wide spectrum of engagements and respected cum illustrious double national
Honour awardee namely; OON and CON.
Gentlemen of the Press, we believe it is crucial to shed light on the facts surrounding the ongoing legal proceedings over an attempt to criminalise a simple civil transaction which is the basis of the campaign of calumny against Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto CON and express our concern over the potential miscarriage of justice in this matter and call for immediate cessation of unwarranted attacks.
Background of the Case:

Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto CON, Miri Mara Ugo.

Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto had a contractual business with Sir Daniel Chukwudozie, a civil transaction outside the realm of criminal actions. A comprehensive understanding of the case reveals that Sir Daniel Chukwudozie’s attempt to portray this as a criminal act is both misleading and devoid of merit.
Sometimes, between  2016  and 2017, Sir Daniel Chukwudozie approached Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto for the purchase of  his portion of land in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.
An agreement was reached, and Sir Daniel made partial payments of 18 months. However, due to disagreements over the terms, legal proceedings ensued.
The High Court of Rivers State, in its judgment on March 29, 2023, unequivocally declared Ibeto Energy Development Limited as the rightful owner of the land and Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto is entitled to the statutory right of occupancy.    

Unfounded Criminal Allegations:
Despite the civil nature of the dispute and a subsisting court judgment in favor of Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto, Sir Daniel Chukwudozie, dissatisfied with the decision, sought to criminalize the matter. It is disheartening that, despite the fact that Chief Dr. Cletus Ibetowent for his business and yearly routine health check in the United States of America. The EFCC pursued warrant  of arrest against him.
Concerns Over Judicial Proceedings:
The recent developments in the High Court of Lagos State, Ikeja, raise concerns about due process and territorial jurisdiction. Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto has not been personally served with the charges, and the court’s refusal to address jurisdictional challenges is troubling.
It is essential to note that the case involves a land dispute in Rivers State, and the charges on counts 1 to 9 clearly demonstrate a lack of territorial jurisdiction. The issuance of a bench warrant against Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto without proper consideration of jurisdiction is a blatant miscarriage of justice.
Call for Peace and Fairness:
The Ohaneze Youth Forum Abuja Chapter calls on all parties involved, as Igbo sons and elites, to show good examples by sheathing their swords and allowing peace to reign. We implore the judicial system to ensure a fair and just resolution, considering the legal complexities and the implications of the case on Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto’s reputation and good will built over decades.
In conclusion, we stand firmly in support of Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto, an industrious and impeccable character, and we believe in the sanctity of justice to prevail in this matter.We further call on Sir Daniel Chukwudozie an illustrious son of Igbo land, to allow elders of our land to intervene and find a mutually beneficial out of court settlement.
Two eminent sons of
ala igbo cannot be allowed to continue this naked dance as if there are no red cap elders in the entire igbo land with corresponding wisdom to find peace and restore brotherhood between these two brothers.
Dated this 12th Day of December, 2023

For further inquiries, please contact:
Ichie Akuazaoku Nwagbara Eke

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