NBA Lawyers With Disability Forum 2nd Annual Conference

In a groundbreaking display of commitment to inclusivity, Afam Osigwe, SAN, played a pivotal role at the Nigerian Bar Association Lawyers with Disabilities Forum annual conference. This significant event saw Osigwe delivering a compelling goodwill message and participating as a distinguished panelist in the session addressing “The Nigerian Bar Association: The Journey to an Inclusive Bar.”
Osigwe’s involvement went beyond rhetoric, as he actively engaged with the pressing question of what the NBA can do to uplift Lawyers With Disabilities (LWD) professionally. While recognizing and acknowledging the steps taken by the Nigerian Bar Association over the years to address issues concerning our colleagues with disabilities, his response emphasized the need for the NBA to advocate vigorously for an enabling environment that allows lawyers with disabilities to secure employment universally. He underscored the importance of the NBA using its platform for robust advocacy to break down barriers that hinder the professional growth of lawyers with disabilities.

Furthermore, Osigwe urged that the NBA should continuously adopt a proactive approach by incorporating an agenda specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by Lawyers with Disabilities. He emphasized the potency of Public Interest Litigation as a powerful tool to champion the rights and interests of this demographic, thereby advancing inclusivity within the legal profession.
A standout point in Osigwe’s stance was the call for the NBA to be an institution known for standing up for defined principles. He stressed the significance of the association being predictable in its commitment to inclusivity, advocating for clear guidelines on addressing the needs of Lawyers with Disabilities at every juncture.
His contributions reflect a broader narrative of transforming the legal landscape into a space where diversity is not just acknowledged but actively supported. Afam Osigwe’s insights at the conference underscored the vital role that influential figures within the legal community can play in steering the profession toward a more inclusive and equitable future.
In embracing this call to action, Afam Osigwe, SAN, contributes significantly to reshaping the narrative of the Nigerian Bar Association, aligning it with a more inclusive vision where lawyers with disabilities are not only accommodated but thrive professionally.

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