Auta Iliya Nyada The Welfare Turns 40!

I never knew him well, until I ran into “trouble” with my now aborted but re-knacked ambition to serve NBA in the office of Publicity Secretary. He was one of the pillars that kept pouring cold water on my anger, soliciting that I see the bigger picture. His signature tone is, “Che leave that thing.

Since then, our friendship has grown into sharing Cohiba among other favorite vanities common to young men.

My dear Auta, you are a true and loyal friend with a mischievous laugh, even in the face of danger. You have displayed wisdom, political dexterity way above your age.

Above all these, you have exhibited consistent leadership qualities that it will be a disservice to humanity, if the cosmos doesn’t offer you an opportunity to serve not only the NBA but humanity at large.

I puff a stick in your honor and look forward to splitting a bottle on you.

Happy Birthday Brotherman!

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