Kubwa Express Honors You With Gratitude

Our gratitude, goes to the following, outstanding friends, readers and critics of Kubwaexpress.

They daily encouraged us, quietly pointed out grammatical and factual errors in our publications, forcing us to edit.

In most cases, they are the first to read our publications and if no feedback comes from them, we know we have written a masterpiece!

We appreciate in no particular order, the following;

AG Abubakar, Esq. He is the Registrar General of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC.) He has revolutionized CAC and the ease of technologically conducting company registration and regulation in Nigeria.

James Umeh Jr. CEO The Whistler. His online newspaper, is a great inspiration to us at Kubwaexpress.

Lynda Bala, Esq. She is the 1st Vice President of Nigerian Bar Association. An Amazon with a double lions heart.

Mazi Afam Osigwe, Esq. He is just amazing Mazi, with a golden smile. His gentle criticism of our publications are taken as divine assessment and his is brutally honest but delivers it in a manner that melts our pen and finger us into editing, so as not to cum across vulgar.

Paul Harris Ogbole, SAN, Ogigo Mebe K’Adoka.   The tea man, gentle, firm and dependable, has been a steady stream of encouragement to Kubwaexpress. He is always a phone call away to render professional assistance gratis to us.

Chukwuka Ikwuazom SAN

Chukwuka Ikwuazom  SAN. He hardly calls, but reads all Kubwaexpress publications. Anything he call; know that we have caused wahala and to save us, he chips in softly without condemnation, what he feels, should be done, rewritten to make Kubwaexpress, more professional.
He is a partner in the disputes practice of Aluko & Oyebode and heads the firm’s taxation practice.

You. Yes, you reading this. Your clicking on our link daily and bantering with us on all platforms, is the reason we are still publishing and so long as there is one comment on our publication, we will publish the next minute.

You are the real 5 Star support of Kubwaexpress and we will do it again with you in mind next year.

The staff and management of Kubwa Xpress News, publishers of Kubwaexpress, wish you joyful festivities as you mark the end of the year and project into 2023.

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