Igboya NINA Family Holds End Of Year Party

The sub social group in NINA Hotel & Garden, popularly known as Igboya Family will hold their end of year party today, Monday 12th December.

It promises to be an evening of courage, entertainment, laughter and merriment, to thank God for a successful 2022 and protection in the New Year.

Strictly restricted to Igboya Family members, but other families in NINA, are invited, so long as they will be served after Igboya Family members had been taken care of.


Speaking to us on preparations, an Igboya Family member, boasted that there would be nothing lacking on the menu that night. The the end goal, is to get all Igboya Family members happy, feel good and have a handbag.

According to her, the night will start growing young from 6pm until you can no longer withhold alcohol and food that would be surplus.

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