National Native Alcoholic Association Of Nigeria To Hike Prices

According to a notice we spotted pasted at Brukutu-Pito Dog meat/pork joints in Kubwa, co-signed by President and Secretary the National Native Alcoholic Association Of Nigeria, has notified its members and patrons that due to increase in the cost of millet Guinea Corn, Maize and other grains used in brewing local alcoholic beverages, they shall increase prices, effective from January 3rd 2023.

The new price is as follows;
Full Bucket N 700.00
Half Bucket N 350.00
Calabash N 100.00

This notice will take effect from January, 3rd 2023.   This is to also inform all units, Channel and houses to comply with this directive.
NOTE: Failure to comply will this directive attract a fine of N10,000.
Thanks you for your maximum co-operation.

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