CAC Insists All Promoters Of A Company, Proprietor Of Business Name & Incorporated Trustees Must Tender Their NIN

According to a press statement by the Corporate Affairs Commission, effective from 1st   January, 2023, all prospective Directors, Shareholders, Trustees and Proprietors, seeking to interact with CAC, with regards to incorporation, must upload a verifiable National Identification Number (NIN)

The Management of the Commission emphasized this in a statement which reads;  FURTHER NOTICE ON THE USE OF THE NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER AS MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION FOR ALL PROCESSES.   

Further to the Commission’s Public Notice dated and published on 21/11/2022 on its website and social media handles, esteemed customers and the general public are hereby informed that the commencement date for the application of the requirement of National Identification Number (NIN) as the only means of identification accepted for all the processes of the Commission is now 1st January, 2023. As from that date, applicants shall be required to type the NIN in the appropriate fields on the online application forms.
Signed; Management.

It would be recalled that the Registrar General, AG Abubakar, Esq had at a one day training session in Abuja and Lagos, urged Accredited Agents of CAC, to make sure that documents they are submitting on behalf of their clients, are genuine, as the Agent, would be held liable on any issue arising from authenticity or not of such documents submitted.

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