Neighborhood Celebrities; The Great Awakening

Neighbourhood celebrities show, is a concept born from the ashes of phoenix mixed with philosophical thoughts. This concept was spawned out of the dying passion of the street, where many have lost their passion, dreams, hope of showcasing their talents and potential to the world.

You are one of them as do I, let us not lose the glimmer of light that flickers in the dark but rather let us fuel the light and channel back that energy that seems to fade.
Neighbourhood celebrities is one of its kind, it is a platform were shattered hopes, dreams, and passion will be rekindled. It is the awakening of the inner man to fulfil its mission.

It is the first ever show to bring together SME’s, youths in Diaspora, companies etc to the great wonders of the street. This maiden edition is the likes that have never been seen before in the history of entertainment.

The great awakening… many souls will be kindled, broken hearts will be mended, fractured jaws will be healed.

Ideyhere media’s neighbourhood celebrities in collaboration with Masta Blade, Kubwaexpress as media partner, have decided to slay the dragon called entertainment,  put Kubwa on the entertainment map of Nigeria, give hope and voice to the traditional artist, comedians, writers, dancers etc on the street.
DATE: 18 December, 2022.
TIMERed Carpet starts by 4PM


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